Alrighty, this is probably the third Thai restaurant I’ve been to within the Hamilton community. Don’t worry my dear foodies, I did not order yet another pad Thai. I have other dish favourites you know! My-Thai is a small fast-food restaurant located on 21 John St. N. and probably whips up the fastest Thai dishes by far. However, I do not feel that the quality of their food was up to par to the previous Thai restaurant posts I’ve blogged about.


This is my least favourite Thai restaurant and I will not be dining there again. The restaurant is similar to a diner and the food is comparable to fast-food. The food is made very greasy, fast and cheap. However, although I am a fan of fast-food, the food here was disappointing.


The restaurant resembles that of a diner except with “asian” decorative accents such as bamboo curtains, furniture and wall art. It was a comfortable area to eat in to say the least. The restaurant also has huge mirrors at near the kitchen area to give an enlarging effect, smart indeed. The mirrors elongated the restaurant. The overall experience just did not do it for me.


I ordered the lemongrass chicken dish from the lunch special menu for $11. I have ordered the lemongrass chicken dish before from previous Thai + Viet restaurants so I knew exactly what I should be expecting, except this was not it. I was extremely disappointed when I received my order (which was as quick as ordering a burger from McDonald’s). The food looked sloppy and not tasty at all. The overall dish was pretty much just drenched in a sauce (similar to teriyaki sauce) and was way too salty (even when eaten with the rice). The chicken was too dry and the vegetables were a little undercooked. There was no lemon grass aroma which right off the bat was a warning sign for me. I definitely paid way too much for a meal that could’ve passed for $5 max. The spring roll tastes like the generic spring roll (which I’m not complaining about since it was what I was expecting) and the only thing they got right was the fish sauce. The food was mediocre and lacked in flavour. After having such a horrible dish, I am extremely deterred from this restaurant and will not recommend this Thai restaurant to anyone.

Bon appétit,



One response to “My-Thai

  1. Aw, what a shame. There is a few other My Thai restaurants, all owned by the same people, in different cities. The one here in Brantford is really popular and the food is pretty good. It’s not my fave Thai place but their Pineapple Chicken Curry is yummy. I think each chef does things differently because the spring roll looks different than they do at the My Thai here. I like your honest review, if the food is not good people shouldn’t waste their time/money.

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