Canada’s First Geek Breakfast

So what did I do on March 2nd 2013? I had breakfast with some geeks, well to be more specific, some social media geeks. The Geek Breakfast was the first social media event I’ve ever attended and is the first Geek Breakfast ever to be held in Canada. I usually shy away from such events because a) I am shy, b) I am awkward and c) I am shy and awkward. I knew I definitely had to eventually step out of my comfort zone and actually try to network… I mean, people don’t bite (much) right? Well at least not these geeks, phew. I’m really glad that my BSMRCCE instructor Jared pushed us all to attend at least one social media event.  I’m also glad that the event I chose to attend was the Geek Breakfast. I’m also thankful for my wonderful classmate Irena for driving me there with Caitlin and Nahren or else I’d be totally lost. I also felt that going there with people you know is a lot less nerve-wrecking, I mean, at least we got to newbies to these types of events together. I highly recommend going with at least one person you know.


The event at the beginning was a little confusing to say the least. We arrived at William’s Fresh Cafe on Hamilton’s waterfront. The first thing we did was line-up and grab some breakfast. We immediately noticed that we did not have a clue as to what to do or where to go. We grabbed our breakfast and grabbed a table to sit at. Slowly all my other classmates that had arrived to the event gravitated towards us. We eventually realized that something was wrong. We definitely were not at the social media event. It was more like our class got together outside of class and decided to get breakfast together. By the way, the breakfast was just decent. I enjoyed the toast but the roasted potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs were way too dry. It was not my favourite breakfast choice (I really enjoy Ikea’s $1 breakfast, price and quality wise to be honest with you). However, as always my green tea latte was the highlight. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should!

Anyways, thankfully our instructor spotted us and told us that the social media event was in fact located on the opposite side from where his clueless class had unfortunately gathered around. We then made our way to the event. We grabbed our seats and within minutes, people came to approach each of us. It was less nerve-wrecking than I thought. It was nice to meet everyone and I met a lot of people that were avid Hamilton tweeters such as Joey Coleman, John Piercy and Seany Meist. It was really fun to chit-chat with people who enjoy living in Hamilton, I like the fact that everyone was so helpful to give some insight into the job market.

geekbrekkieIn the beginning it was hard to strike up a conversation with any individual because honestly what would I say? What could I say? I think the easiest thing to say is really the obvious… So what made you come to the Geek Breakfast? How did you hear about it? Starters like these, believe it or not, leads to a more colourful discussion that you’d think. I’m really glad I chose to attend this event, although I was a nervous wreck, I attended the event with an open-mind. Everyone was so nice and the yummy snacks and coffee was just a wonderful addition. To read more about the event, click here.

Would I attend another social media event again? Most likely yes, pretty much where there are free snacks you’ll see me there. Haha, I’ll attend as long as I bring a friend just for the extra comfort that I wouldn’t be a newbie alone. I mean, come on, I don’t think my instructor will be there next time to direct me to the appropriate location. Overall the event was a success and I really learned a lot from everyone. If my readers ever hear about a social media meetup, I definitely recommend for you all to attend! It’s a great experience and you’ll never know if you’ll like it if you never test the waters right?



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