Thai Memory

So I finally got around to trying out Thai Memory and I must say that I was very impressed. Located on 25 King William St. near Jackson Square is a delightful little Thai restaurant that exudes authenticity and individuality. The restaurant was very zen, probably due to the lovely instrumental music playing and the sound of the water flowing in the water fountain. It was very serene to say the least.

ThaiMemoryI absolutely adore their décor. I like how it’s not the typical modern Thai restaurant feel. From head to toe, it just felt really cozy and exquisite. You need to go there to understand what I’m trying to say. It’s just really different from the other Thai restaurants I’ve been to. It’s a really spacious restaurant and has really dim lighting. I believe the dim lighting actually helps with the zen atmosphere by creating an oasis type of ambiance. I’ve been here twice and it’s the type of environment where you can just stay and talk forever with either your family, friends or significant other.

Before I talk about the food, there are two things I must mention. This restaurant operates at really interesting hours. Their hours are clearly posted online and at the restaurant but they are only open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays between 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (subject to change). I wish I could tell you their dinner hours but I have no clue about those either. To make sure, as always, call ahead. You can contact the restaurant owner at (905) 296-1077. I’m not really sure about their reason for their unpredictable hours. The second thing is the extra cost of spiciness literally. Usually at Thai restaurants, you have different levels of spiciness you can ask for. It’s the same here except that only mild and medium spicy is included in the cost. I found this really strange. For $1 extra, you can get the meal spicy and for $2 extra, you can get the meal extra spicy. Can someone please explain to me why I have to pay extra for having my meal more spicy? I’ve never come across this before.


Now on to the food. I went with my close friend and we decided to order the tom yum soup with tofu. It was so delicious. It was very light, refreshing, sour with a hint of spiciness (we ordered it medium spicy). It was loaded with chunks of tofu and chopped up mushrooms. It was a bottomless pit of deliciousness. From this big bowl, we each consumed two small bowls each. Tom yum soup is a favourite soup of mine and I was definitely not disappointed. My taste buds were definitely jumping with joy.


For the appetizer, we ordered chicken satay. Wow, I was speechless. I always eat chicken satay but the chicken satay they had here was in a much bigger portion. It reminds me of chicken skewers that you’d barbecue. By this I mean, other Thai restaurants serve chicken satay in a flat chicken skewer form but this chicken satay (as you can tell in the above picture) were chunks of chicken on the skewer. It was in a large portion, usually chicken satay comes in a small portion. I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was so tender and flavourful. The peanut sauce it comes with was delicious but I must say that I prefer Siam Dish’s peanut sauce better, only because it has peanut chunks in it. However, I much rather prefer Thai Memory’s chicken satay over Siam Dish’s. I feel like I definitely get my moneys worth with this appetizer.


No surprise I ordered the pad Thai with beef. I swear that I will try something new next time but I was really craving for pad Thai! As you can tell by the spicy flakes, I ordered medium spicy. The first thing I realized was the presentation. Compared to Siam Dish’s pad Thai, their presentation of their pad Thai did not look as great. However, don’t judge a book by its cover. The pad Thai was still rich in flavour and was of a large portion. I definitely could not finish it (mostly because I had the soup and chicken satay). I’m not sure if others do this but I squeezed the lime wedge all over my pad Thai for an extra kick in flavour. It was so delicious.

Overall, I definitely recommend this Thai restaurant as it is priced reasonably. I can see why Hamilton locals always recommend this place as the go-to Thai restaurant. I’m glad I was able to finally get the chance to eat there. Their hours really do turn me off though. I love the atmosphere, the friendly owner and the scrumptious food. With this combination, I will definitely be heading back there. I still love Siam Dish but as a student-on-a-budget, Thai Memory is definitely easier on the wallet and is equivalent in quality. The location is also great because I love venturing down James St. N. If you get a chance to try out Thai Memory, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Bon appétit,



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