Dream’s Cafe

Located on 94 Cannon St. W. is a quaint little bubble tea shop, Dream’s Cafe also known as D’s Cafe. I found this hidden gem back in 2009 when I first arrived in Hamilton and have been an avid fan since. I love the atmosphere, granted it is predominantly catered towards high school students, however this doesn’t deter me from their delicious bubble tea.

IMG_2668D’s Cafe is always busy. Filled with laughter, conversations and background music playing (usually asian music), the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. It’s a nice little cafe to meet up with friends (only if you’re willing to travel). It’s a relatively small cafe, there’s only 5 tables with 4 chairs each, so the cafe fits only 20 individuals comfortably. I kind of like it like that because it’s so cozy.


The lighting is pretty dim which creates a warm ambience. I particularly like the strings of lights they have hanging on the window (it looks particularly beautiful against the windows during the snowy weather). A very fun aspect of this cafe is the blackboard they have. It covers the whole wall and they provide chalk for everyone to leave their message. The messages change every time I visit D’s. From time to time I see some messages left by McMaster students which reassures me that there are people who are over the age of 18 that visits there.


If you’re adventurous, check out their main blackboard for some neat suggestions. I usually deviate from trying new bubble teas because I only like one flavour. Maybe one day I’ll try a new flavour, but until then… I’m going to maintain my order if the regular milk tea bubble tea.


I love Dream’s Cafe, their bubble tea is made just right. I hate the other bubble tea places in the Hamilton area because it tastes like condensed milk. I am aware that bubble tea has condensed milk but if all I can taste is condensed milk then I might as well be drinking condensed milk. Their price point is very affordable and reasonably priced. I think it’s partly due to the fact that they cater to a student population. They serve both hot and cold bubble tea. The sizes the bubble teas come in is quite entertaining. You have your small size, your large size and then you have your outrageous extra large size. As you can tell from the picture above, on the right, the extra large is no joke. Literally it is a container that thinks it’s a beverage container. You really get more than what you pay for (and for I think $1 more actually but don’t quote me on that). It’s basically a bottomless pit and is about the size of my face (maybe just a tad bit smaller?).


Most of the times when I go to D’s Cafe, I almost always order snacks. If you order a bubble tea, you have the choice of ordering from their $1 or $2 snack menu. Pretty nifty eh? Their fries are delicious and comes in pretty decent portions. They also offer meals as well such as curry with rice, dumplings, instant noodles etc… This time I ordered the condensed milk brick toast, loved by many bubble tea fans (and my friends). I was always sceptical of this because seriously, why would I order toast? This snack was basically a thick piece of toast drenched in condensed milk and comes with a side of sugar powder (that’s what the smiley face is, cute huh?). It’s really delicious, I definitely did not expect myself to like it that much. I highly recommend everyone trying this toast. Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, you eat this with a fork and knife because it is quite messy by hands.

Also, if you do have a pleasant time at D’s Cafe and do intend on going back, ask them for a stamp card. Basically every time you purchase a bubble tea from them, they’ll give you a stamp on a card. When you collect 9 stamps, you get one bubble tea (any size) for free the next time you visit.

Bon appétit,




One response to “Dream’s Cafe

  1. This place looks so cute! I love the chalkboard. Question for you, bubble tea expert. The last time I had bubble tea I didn’t like it. It was too sweet, not cold enough and the tapioca was black and the size of marbles. Is this normal?

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